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Facts about chanting PIRITH at Home

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When you participate to a Pirth Chanting ceremony Dont go back to your home after midnight.Thun waru Pirith is a even that is performed by Buddhist monks in request of Buddhist in order to bring blessing of Pirith to their specifit event such as house warming, wedding, child birth, etc. Two or more monks chant Pirith in three different hours of two days; morning, evening & following day morning. Meet with the Monk at the temple and discuss a convenient day for both parties Once the day is agreed, house owner should visit the temple on the day to bring the monks to the house (Hamuduruwo wadamaweema) Prepare a comfortable chairs covered with white cloths for monks to be seated. It is custom to place the chair face towards/inside to the house so that blessing is to be remained within the house. Place a small table (not higher than the chairs) in front of the chairs to place pirith water (pan) Arrange a new clay pot of medium size filled with clean water (for pirith pan), clean white yarn (for pirith nool), beetle leaves or puwak mala to wrap the yarn around and a basin to avoid water spilling around when the pirith pan is served. Place filled clay pot , closed with a lid, and the white yarn on the table prepared in front of the chairs. Arrange a higher place closer to this set up to place flowers, lamps (mati pahan) and sticks smokes (Hadun kooru) to worship Budu Hamuduruwoo.