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Army promotions for Asela and Seekkuge

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Sri Lanka cricketers Asela Gunaratne and Seekkuge Prasanna get a souvenir present by the army Commander Lieutenant General Crishanthe de Silva in the army headquarters. Sri Lanka army groomed-two more cricketers world-renowned, Warrant officer - II Seekkuge Prasanna and Sergeant Asela Gunaratne, who was very good in the T-20 Australian cricket tours represent received the national team laurel and the service promotions from Army Commander Lieutenant General Crishanthe de Silva at the Army headquarters.The Army Commander presented mementos to each of the cricketers and gave warm greetings. Seekkuge Prasanna and Asela Gunaratne received promotions army in light of the excellent performance in cricket. Seekkuge Prashanna was promoted to army Warrant officer first class, while Asela Guneratne was promoted to the army Warrant officer 2 class.