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Umandawa Mahawihara Monastery

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Umandawa Mahawihara Monastery is an international Vipassana meditaion center which is located in malsiri pura. This property was donated to them 15 months ago. within this 15 month they can started bulding this Umandawa Mahawihara Monastery. they have been cultiwating many types of crops in Umandawa Mahawihara Monastery. "The Disapamok Academy" also have in Umandawa Mahawihara Monastery to teach kids. In this class they have been taughtspoken as wel as writen English.  

Siri Samanthabhadra Thero Established Umandawa Mahawihara Monastery. Umandawa Mahawihara Monastery  is established to benefit the spiritual development of human beings using the teachings of the Gautama Buddha. The founder is Venerable Pitiduwe Siridhamma Thero who is engaged in spreading the Lord Buddha’s Dharma to both local and international communities, and in highlighting the aim of the Buddha end suffering or attaining Nibbana. watch this video and see what is really happening over there.