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Victor Rathnayake's Live Show in london

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This is the video of Victar Rathnayaka Live Musical Show in london. You will see Viktar Rathnayaka's speech before he sung the "Hitha Mithuru sulanga" song. watch this video and think about what he mean. so many gossip stories created about Viktar Rathnayaka's behavior in these days.

Viktar Rathnayaka is a popular musician in Sri Lankan. He was born in a small village near Kadugannawa. Viktar Rathnayaka was the first Sri Lankan amazing musician to hold a live one man concert. This is the one of his "Gee Amaa" concert at London 2013. Matara Achchi film is the first film Viktar Rathnayaka composed music. Viktar Rathnayaka is still very popular among Sinhala music fans.