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හින්දි සිංදුවකට සුපිරි නර්ථනයක් කරන හිරිමල් වියේ ජෝඩුව

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මේක ලස්සන ආදර කතාවක් ඔයා බලන්නකො

Samanali Mithun Fernando story Song Title | Samanali Artist | Mithun Fernando Music | Sandaruwan Jayasinghe Lyrics | Sampath Fernandupulle Video | Lahiru Mudalige @ Hary Creations
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Chathura Senarathne with Neth Fm Unlimited

In this video you will see Chathura Senarathne join with Neth Fm Unlimited radio program. Chathura Senarathne said lot of stories in this program. Chathura Senarathne is most famous person in sri lanka these days. because of his some statements. Watch this video and think his statements true nor false.

Chathura Senarathne was born in 20th of February 1982. Currently, Chathura Senarathne is a Sri Lankan politician and a member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. Chathura received his education at Ananda College in Colombo and he admitted to the University of Colombo to study for a degree in medicine in 2004. Chathura Senarathne Born to politician Dr Rajitha Senaratne and his wife Sujatha Senaratne.
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Walasmulla Purple Queen Bus

This is the hot gossip news about a Sri lankan Bus. In this video you will see Walasmulla "Dam Rajini Bus", people also name it Purple Queen Bus. This bus has amazing beautiful. Driver decoret it fully fashanable. Not only beauty, this bus also provide Free WiFi for the passengers. This bus drive Colombo To Walasmulla.

This amazing bus has also Mini Fridge and Phone Chargers. The bus has quality DJ zone and good outdoor sound system. This video popular in social media. watch this Purple Queen Bus and share with your friends.
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Samare's Comedy at School Time

This is the comedy video of Samare. In this video you will see Mr.Samare's comedy video at school time. His real name is Shashika Diyamantha Samarasinghe. He also appeared With his friend as Mr.Samare & Samare in youth with talent program. Shashika Diyamantha Samarasinghe did this comedy at Kingswood Commerce Day 2014.

He made fantastic comedy speech and made everybody funny in Kingswood Commerce Day. With his friend "Mr. Samare and Samare" team have super imitation skills. They won the 2nd pale in  youth with talent reality show. This video popular in social media in these days. watch this School time comedy video and share with your friends.
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Aishwarya Rai's Father Krishnaraj Rai's Funeral

This is the sad gossip story about Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai's father Krishnaraj Rai passed away on Saturday at a suburban hospital in Mumbai. In this video will show you lot of Bollywood actors came to Aishwarya Rai Father Prayer Meet.

Aishwarya Rai bachchan's Krishnaraj Rai was hospitalized a few weeks ago. Krishnaraj Rai shifted to the ICU when the day that incident was happen. Krishnaraj Rai was lived battling with cancer. Salman khan, Akshay Kumar, Amitha bachchan, Sunil Shetty and lot of Bollywood actors came to Aishwarya Rai Father Prayer Meet.
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Jackson Anthony Speaks about Victor Rathnayaka

In this video you will see popular Actor Jackson Anthony Speaks about Victor Rathnayaka's new life. Konganige Joseph Malsi Jackson Anthony commonly known as Jackson Anthony. He is an award winning popular actor in Sri Lankan cinema. Jackson Anthony is an actor, producer, singer, director, screenwriter, Television host, novelist and lyricist in Sri Lankan cinema. He is the one of talented Artist in Sri lankan film indrustry. In this video Mr.Jackson speaks about how to survive his young life with victor rathnayake's songs.

Viktar Rathnayaka is a most popular musician in Sri Lankan. Viktar Rathnayaka was the first Sri Lankan musician to hold a live one man concert. There are Lot of gossip stories in social media about Viktar Rathnayaka's new life. watch this speech and share with your friends.
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Salman Khan's Amazing House Inside

This is the gossip story about Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan's House. This video will show you Bollywood star Salman Khan's amazing House Inside. look what a amazing place is that.  

Salman Khan was born 27th of December 1965. Now he 51 years old. Salman Khan is a Popular Indian film actor, producer,  singer, and philanthropist. He won the so many awards for his acting performance. Salman Khan is the one of biggest Superstar in Bollywood. everyone call him "sallu bhai". watch this biggest super stars' home and share this video with your friends.
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