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Theruni Dance with Nadeemal Perera

Maneesha Chanchala is a most popular actress in Sidu tele-drama in sri lanka. Sidu teledrama telecats by "derana" Tv channel in sri lanka. Maneesha Chanchala called as "Theruni" in sidu tele-drama. In this program Maneesha Chanchala dance with Popular singer Amal perera's son Nadeemal perera. Nadeemal perera is also good singer. This funny Program Which was called "Oonna Ottui" telecast by "Derana" Tv channel in 23th of February 2017. They were doing funny things during their dance and enjoy it. watch this video and share with your friends.
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BMW 7 Series (G11) - Remote Control Parking

BMW 7 Series G11 Remote Control Parking. The optional Remote Control Parking feature allows drivers to access tight parking spaces with ease. Already the sixth generation. The driver initiates the car’s progress forwards into or in reverse out of a space using the likewise newly developed BMW Display Key. While standing outside the car. The new BMW 7 Series’ display key illustrates the car’s fuel level, climate settings and security status. Knowledge truly is power.
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China's 2nd-largest Hydro power Station

This is the new Gossip Story about China's Jinsha River Xiluodu Hydro power Station, It is the second largest in the china. Last year, This power station has received global recognition after the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) awarded the station as a FIDIC Outstanding Project of the Year. 

The station straddles between Yongshan County of Yunnan Province and Leibo County of Sichuan Province in southwest China was the only hydroelectric project among the 21 award-winners of the year 2016. 
Liao Jianxin was an engineering director with the project's contractor, China Three Gorges Corporation, said the intelligent management system of the dam won the approval of the judging team. 

"The digital dam, in a nutshell, consists of the thermometer, strain gauge and other detecting equipment in the concrete of the dam. The whole construction process was monitored by these equipment, which gives a real-time account of the stress state and condition of the dam for the convenience of adjustment," said Liao. 

One of the strengths of the smart system is that it helps prevent thermal cracking, a common thermal effect on concrete, in the dam. 

"The 6.8 million cubic meters of concrete in the dam has no thermal cracking. As far as we know, no other dam in the world can avoid such cracking," said Liao. 

Built in the spirit of sustainable development, the station makes maximum use of the mountains on both sides of the river to house its workshops, underground power stations and transportation tunnels. 

A massive hydraulic generator set highlights the superior coordination of various different sectors of the station, said director Ran Yichuan, who demonstrated the smooth operational quality of the generator by balancing a coin upright on the ground. 

"Rotating part of the generator set of hydraulic them weighing more than 2,000 tons can be demonstrated stability of this heavy patrol unit in this experiment. As you can see, a small coin, just five meters just above the rotating part, and it stands perfectly still, so the generators, hydraulic group is installed very well. The terms are more professional, said Ran part vibration and throw and wonderful."
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California's Punishing Rain Creates Rare Spectacle

This is the amazing video about Rain Creates Rare Spectacle. California’s punishing rain this month has flooded neighborhoods and triggered evacuations. It has also pushed Lake Berryessa in Napa County way beyond capacity, pouring water into its bathtub-like drain. this is the first time that’s happened in 11 years, reports CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal.

“Back in October, we were essentially half-full,” said Roland Sanford, general manager of the Solano County Water Agency. “This is the first time that the lake has been so low, and filled-up and spilled in one year.”

What looks calm at the top of the “Morning Glory Spillway” looks like a raging torrent at the bottom.

The spillway is located 200 feet from the Monticello Dam. It is shaped like a funnel, 72-feet wide at its lip and narrowing to 28 feet at an outlet down at the Putah Creek. When water in the lake rises to more than 440 feet above sea level, it spills over the lip of a funnel and pours into the creek 700 feet below.

When it reaches the tank, and that the spillway could take in about 48,000 cubic feet of water per second. This is the equivalent of half the drain there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool in one second.

Was bleeding during the drought in California has become so dry informal skate park. But water began trickling in on Friday. Now it is a bit of a tourist destination.
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Chathura Senarathne Interview With BBC Sinhala

In this video you will see Dr Rajitha Senaratne's son Chathura Senarathne Interview With BBC Sinhala. Chathura Senarathne was born 20 February in 1982. Curently, Chathura Senarathne is a Sri Lankan politician and a member of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. He Born to politician Dr Rajitha Senaratne and his wife Sujatha Senaratne. Chathura received his education at Ananda College in Colombo and he admitted to the University of Colombo to study for a MBBS degree in medicine in 2004. watch this video an share with your friends.
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How To Grow a Beard Faster Naturally

It is the symbol of power dense and rugged beard in many cultures around the world. Growing mustache or full beard take some perseverance and patience, especially since the growth rate will depend on your level of testosterone and individual genetics. While nature played a big role in how fast and thick beard of your own and there will be some simple steps that you can include in your day to help along the process of growth. Do not get discouraged if your beard is not growing as fast as you want, just watch this video and follow these steps on how to grow a beard faster and stay committed to the process.
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Chamara Kapugedara Celebrates His Birthday

Chamara Kapugedera was born February 24, 1987 in Kandy. Kapugedara is a player of the Sri Lankan cricket career for One Day International and T20s. This video will show you his Birthday celebration at the katunayaka Airport in sri lanka. Chamala Kapugedara was always a member of the national team of the game for the firs time, until 2010, and finally the poor performances dropped kapugedara from the squad until his return in 2015. He graduates from Dharmaraja College in Kandy. Kapugedara is a one of good player in sri lanka cricket team. In Perth in 2006 Kapugedera got the first taste of international cricket when he made his one day international debut against Australia.
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This Girl Died 100 Years Ago and Still Blinks Her Eyes

Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, Sicily, home of some of the mummies best preserved in the world. Most famously the body of a small Italian girl "Rosalia Lombardo" who died in 1920 of pneumonia at the tender age of two. Rosalia and the most talked about not only because it is the most well-preserved body of the mummies in the catacombs of 8000, but also because many of them "saw" the extremism of her eyes several times during the day. What is strange, especially around the body. however, is that many peoples believe that the little girl opens and closes her eyes, even as she lies in her coffin.
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