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5 Secrets of Apple Company

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This is the gossip news about Apple Company. Apple was founded on 1st April 1976. Apple has risen to become a giant in the world of gadgets and technology. Leaps with their products before their competitors and bring Semitic tools, behind the scene work style is not rosy. As consumers it is our right to decide where we spend our money.

Knowing all over the world for its ability to maintain the confidentiality of its products, Apple has a special secret police known as the loyalty world-wide team. This team monitors its employees day and night, even if they are with family or in the pub. If a leak is suspected sweeps team on any post all over the world to find the culprit. All of their employees to volunteer for this team to search through their phones or personal information. In 2011, for impersonating a team of San Francisco police raided the house where he is suspected of having apples models.

Factory workers are diagnosed with a rare blood cancer caused by products. Some spend the entire day polishing products produced in their hands worn. Workers lose their lives literally so people can enjoy these Apple gadgets.